Posted 02/28/2009 - 23:29 by Sara Engel

Purim is coming next week,March 10th. I hope you are all getting ready with costumes and of course baking hamentaschen. (Though I haven't tried it myself, click here to see what looks like a good hamentaschen recipe.)

We at Mah Tov Gallery are all ready for Purim. Click here to see some of our beautiful display of Graggers. We are displaying graggers made of exotic wood, metals in shape of clowns and lions. We have interesting shaped and very colorful graggers, games and books for the children.

Please come and visit us. We love showing our things.

However, if you live too far or are too busy to drop by. We'd be thrilled to fulfill your order, large or small, and make sure your gragger arrives to you in time for Purim. Call us at: 1-856-751-5043


enjoyed your website --please show add'l yads

Hi Sara,
Enjoyed your new website. Will check it on a regular basis.

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*WOW* The old lady's impressed. Time for this old lady to go to bed.
לילה טוב

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